Husker Rehab ( values community, caring about their patients as neighbors and friends. They strive to build relationships that go beyond traditional care, and their efforts often result in loyal patients and generational care. When they say they are like family, they do really get to know their patients over the years and throughout generations.

Husker Rehab recently had two new patients come in that were the fourth generation of their family to choose Husker Rehab for treatment. They started by seeing the great grandmother some 15 years ago, and over the years have seen the grandmother and grandfather followed by the mother and now the kids. They have also seen great aunts and uncles in the family.

The mother shared that she specifically asked that the sons be referred to Husker Rehab because they have had a great relationship with Husker Rehab and always receive great care and outcomes.

Husker Rehab proudly offers therapy services in five clinics in four different Nebraska cities, where they serve physicians and their patients with unique, highly-intensive, highly-customized rehabilitation, wellness and preventative care therapies that make a difference in people’s lives. They listen to every patient’s needs and desires, analyze the problem and figure out ways to get people moving again. For more information about Husker Rehab and their services, visit