Husker Rehab ( is excited to announce that their Physical Therapist Ben Petersen, DPT is now offering orthotics evaluations and fittings! Due to a personal need, Ben has recently completed training on orthotics fittings and is happy to offer this service, along with customized orthotics, to patients.

Ben was experiencing his own challenges with pain and postural misalignment that were not improving with various exercise and treatment options. He later found that the root of the problem was at his feet. He went through the fitting process to obtain orthotics for personal use, which resulted in improvement with his postural alignment and pain.

Ben Petersen, DPT is an experienced physical therapist that now offers orthotics as part of treatment for multiple types of pain issues. Orthotics may be an option to help with back, neck and knee pain associated with postural misalignment.

If interested, please contact Husker Rehab at their North clinic to schedule an appointment with Ben Petersen, DPT.

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