Independent Business Consulting, LLC (, IBC)  recently launched with a defined planning system that has been developed since 2018. IBC’s passion is assisting non-profits, small and medium sized businesses with formation, planning, training, financials, standard operating procedures, permitting, reporting, audits and training. 

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are tasked with wearing multiple hats every day. From operations to marketing, finance to compliance, it’s a juggling act that often leaves them with little time to focus on strategic growth or implementation initiatives. That’s where Independent Business Consulting comes in.

IBC understands the unique challenges business owners face and is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that drive efficiency, profitability and scalability. They offer a comprehensive suite of services to support clients’ success, whether they are new or established in their business.

What sets IBC apart is their personalized approach. IBC takes the time to understand your specific needs, providing customized recommendations and hands-on support to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. Our extensive network of strategic partners further amplifies our capabilities, giving you access to cutting-edge resources across technology, payroll, recruitment and more.

Don’t go it alone. Let Independent Business Consulting be your confidential sounding board and growth catalyst.

Learn more about Independent Business Consulting at or contact Belinda Hagen at / (402) 309-6701. You can also connect on Facebook!