Krueger Development ( has moved its head offices from the Yankee Hill Business Center to 78th and Yankee Hill: 8501 S 78th St. STE A. The move occurred June 26 and they couldn’t be more excited about their new location.

The Woodlands at Yankee Hill development between 70th and 84th off Yankee Hill is booming. With an existing residential neighborhood, up-and-coming commercial businesses and a brand-new apartment community, it makes sense for Krueger’s headquarters to be located in the middle of all the action.

Krueger Development will soon be breaking ground on six commercial office buildings just to the west of their new headquarters. The buildings will be approximately 6,000 square feet, with the ability to break down into 1,500-square-foot suites. If your business is looking for a southeast location with frontage to Yankee Hill Road, this is the spot for you.

Questions about the new office location can be directed to Commercial Property Manager Allison Santana at, or to Director of Development and Sales Christina Melgoza at

Since 1987, the family-owned and operated Krueger Development has contributed to Lincoln’s residential and commercial marketplace by developing residential and commercial communities, retail centers and multi-family residences. For more information about available commercial or residential spaces, contact Krueger at (402) 423-7377 or visit