The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program at Lincoln Airport ( aims to bring awareness to those with hidden or invisible disabilities and to remind airport staff to exercise extra care when working with these passengers and their families. Invisible disabilities may include autism, epilepsy, low vision or hearing loss, PTSD, dementia, depression, asthma, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, brain injuries and more. Passengers do not need to disclose their disability and no documentation is required to participate.

Those wishing to participate should locate the green box containing free special sunflower products at the United Airlines ticketing counter or the LNK Customer Service counter. Passengers may choose a lanyard, bracelet or pin from the box to discreetly indicate they might need additional assistance. All airport staff and Airport Authority employees have been trained on how to recognize and engage with these passengers. The Lincoln Airport team has been trained to recognize these items and provide support such as extra time at check-in or security, escorting to gates or assistance with reading signage. Wearing these items does not exempt passengers from normal airport processes like security screening.

“The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program is just another way to show our commitment to great customer service. We want all passengers to feel supported to travel,” stated Rachel Barth, Director of Communications and Customer Engagement.

More information about the Sunflower Program and Hidden Disabilities is available at For more information about flights and services with Lincoln Airport, visit or call (402) 458-2480.