The Lincoln Airport ( is excited to share their early success story of their Flyers Club, a quietly growing community that has garnered over 100 members since its doors opened in November 2023.

Discover Exclusivity at the Flyers Club

Situated within the newly remodeled Lincoln Airport, the Flyers Club has quickly become a sought-after retreat for travelers. Its contemporary design and thoughtful amenities offer the perfect escape from the typical airport hustle, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a moment of calm before their flight.

Members Enjoy Convenience

Becoming a Flyers Club member is as easy as applying and, after review, obtaining your access card. Inside the club, it’s all about practical perks that enhance your travel experience. This includes snacks, refreshments, printing services, plenty of workspace and the best views in the terminal.
Growing Community, Positive Vibes

Lincoln Airport’s Flyers Club has steadily grown, attracting over 100 members within a short span. The positive reviews from members speak volumes about the club’s appeal. Passengers commend the calm atmosphere and the added convenience the club brings to their travel routine.

“The new terminal is stunning and having an exclusive space for frequent fliers is the icing on the cake. Great job LNK Airport and thank you for making us who are loyal to LNK feel special.”

A Piece of Progress

The Flyers Club stands as a pivotal piece in the completion of Lincoln Airport’s two-year remodel project. This ambitious initiative aimed to revitalize and modernize various aspects of the airport to meet the evolving needs of travelers. As Lincoln Airport rolls out the Flyers Club, they celebrate not just a lounge, but a representation of the progress that has shaped the airport into a more efficient, modern and welcoming space.

Explore Flyers Club Membership Today

Join Lincoln Airport’s quietly thriving Flyers Club community and discover a more comfortable travel experience. Visit for details on membership benefits and how you can apply to be part of this exclusive travel community. Joining the LNK Frequent Flyers Club is free and easy. If you fly from LNK at least eight times a year, you’re automatically eligible.

The Lincoln Airport is owned and operated by the Lincoln Airport Authority. For more information about flights and services, visit or call (402) 458-2480.