Lincoln Demolition & Excavation ( has developed a focus on a unique new service that incorporates nearly all of their services into a single project. They are proud to announce Swim Spa/Hot tub Vaults!

This project involves:

  • Excavation: Excavate vault (hole in ground) to recess swim spa/hot tub for ease, convenience and aesthetics.
  • Concrete Installation: Base concrete pad for swim spa/hot tub to rest on.
  • Drainage Solution: Install drain inlet into concrete pad to protect from snow melt, rain, splashing, overflow etc., with an outlet for the water to run to.
  • Retaining Walls: Install a retaining wall around the perimeter of the excavation vault to retain the soils after excavation.
  • Trenching: Trench for power wire running from house to provide power to the swim spa/hot tub.
  • Grading: Finish grade around the swim spa/hot tub vault project to provide a clean, polished look.

These vaults are perfect for those who are wanting to age gracefully in home while still enjoying the leisure and warmth of a hot tub or swim spa, without having to climb up/down stairs risking slips or falls. They’re also great for entertainment spaces with being able to sit on the adjacent decking and dip your toes in the water without having to fully dive in.

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