Lincoln Demolition and Excavation ( is proud to be a distributer of Blue Gator Ground Protection Mats! Blue Gator mats provide ground protection to keep your yard free from ruts and divots created from heavy machinery, vehicles and other items that may cause damage to your lawn/property. These mats are waterproof, flexible, durable and lightweight, allowing the mat to bend to the contours of the ground. They are rated to withstand up to 60 Tons of weight. These mats also allow sunlight to pass through, keeping your lawn alive throughout the duration of any project. Blue Gator mats have a minimum five year lifespan, making them 100% reusable for years to come.

Blue Gator mats come in three different colors (black, tan and white) and three different sizes (2’x8’, 3’x8’ and 4’x8’). With two different tread patterns, one on each side of each mat, these mats are ideal for all types of use. One side is designed for machines with a thick course pattern allowing maximum traction in all conditions. The other side is designed for walking paths, with a finer pattern making it easy to walk on while providing traction over soft or muddy areas.

Lincoln Demolition and Excavation personally uses these mats on a daily basis to create driving paths for machines, dump trucks, pickups and concrete trucks, allowing easy access while also providing the best protection to the property.

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