Lincoln Demolition & Excavation ( was thrilled to attend the Annual Excavation Safety Summit in February. This marked their fourth consecutive attendance at the event. Because they highly prioritize training and safety, they make sure they can attend this event every year to keep employees updated on the latest methods and practices for excavation and related services.

The Annual Excavation Safety Summit is a free educational event that brings together over 1,200 stakeholders with a shared objective of promoting damage prevention and safe digging practices. The day features presentations from various industry experts, and the Excavator Rodeo offers participants a chance to showcase their skills with excavation equipment and compete for prizes. The event also includes a diverse range of exhibitors and sponsors who present industry products and services, contributing to the overall educational and collaborative atmosphere of the summit.

Lincoln Demolition & Excavation specializes in six core services: interior/exterior demolition, concrete removal and replacement, grading and drainage solutions, excavation and trenching, land clearing and parking lot/driveway maintenance and repair. You can schedule your service today by going to or by contacting Owner Jake Metz at (402) 942-4037 /