Lincoln Demolition & Excavation ( is excited to announce they are now accepting new customers for brush cutting and land clearing services.

The best time to clear up land, acreages and general brush or debris is during the fall and winter seasons before snow covers the ground. The best time to schedule those services is now, and bookings are filling up fast!

Land clearing includes a variety of different services, including mowing down tall grasses and thickets of bushes and trees, removing old equipment or trees that have already fallen, removing sheds or barns that may collapse from the weight of snow on the roofs or even just removing general debris to enhance a property’s curb appeal.

Lincoln Demolition & Excavation was launched in February of 2022. They are a small, family owned company and are proud to be serving the Lincoln area. They hope to continue to grow within the community. They specialize in six core services: interior/exterior demolition, concrete removal and replacement, grading and drainage solutions, excavation and trenching, land clearing and parking lot/driveway maintenance and repair. You can schedule your service today by going to or by contacting Owner Jake Metz at (402) 942-4037 or