Lincoln Demolition & Excavation ( is thrilled to be able to offer pool demolition and backfill services all year. Winter is a great time to have a pool removed and backfilled, after the seasonal shut down of the pool has been completed!

Having your pool removed can be beneficial for many reasons:

Cost savings: An in-ground pool needs a new pool liner every five to 10 years, and can cost upwards of $10,000 to replace each time. Additionally, the seasonal upkeep/maintenance cost can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 per season. So, the cost of upkeep on that in-ground pool would meet or exceed $30,000 every 10 years of ownership! Lincoln Demolition & Excavation’s cost to demolish most in-ground pools is below this cost, and only needs to be done once!

More room for pets, entertainment and enjoyment of space year round: Pools severely limit available space for children and pets to run and play, as well as the amount of space to entertain friends and family.

Safety: Lincoln Demolition & Excavation has customers that have safety concerns about their young children and pets being near pools after they’ve moved into a house that has a pool on the property.

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