Lincoln Veterans Parade Group ( is excited to host the 2023 Lincoln Veterans Parade Sunday, November 12. The fifth annual Lincoln Veterans Parade will start at Lincoln High School and end at the State Capitol, running along K Street.

This year’s theme is Veterans in Business. The Lincoln Veterans Parade Group is looking for businesses owned by Veterans, or companies who hire Veterans, to be recognized in the 2023 Lincoln Veterans Parade. 2021 saw one of the highest numbers of new business starts in the U.S., totaling more than 5.4 million. 10.7% of new business owners in 2021 were Veterans. Veterans are playing a bigger role in driving the economy forward, translating military training to business success. Veterans are significantly more likely to start a business in construction, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing than all new business owners. Lincoln boasts a strong Veteran business community which deserves to be highlighted, with over 40 registered Veteran-owned businesses.

Businesses, organizations and individuals can get involved by sponsoring the parade, sponsoring a high school band and participating in the parade. Another way to promote the Lincoln Veterans Parade is through your network or with posting signs, posters and leaflets at your company location.

Learn more about the Veterans Parade and sign up at Lincoln Veterans Parade Group looks forward to working with you to make this year’s event the best one to date!