LincTrack GPS Solutions is proud to announce that they recently celebrated their first anniversary in business.  LincTrack, which specializes in providing GPS tracking solutions to businesses with company vehicles and construction equipment, started in Lincoln in late 2012 and expanded into Omaha with a new office in 2013.  They also recently added customers in Budd Lake, New Jersey to their business after acquiring Mt. Olive Wireless’s customer base.

LincTrack GPS Solutions, owned and operated by Kelly Jensen, provides services for business owners to minimize costs, optimize routes and improve customer service.  Through GPS tracking, LincTrack offers their customers the opportunity to track where their fleets are, how fast they are going, how long they are idle, and more.  LincTrack can also help their customers utilize this information to develop more efficient business practices.  In addition, LincTrack can provide solutions to track equipment or personal vehicles.  For more information about LincTrack GPS Solutions, please visit or contact Kelly Jensen at (402) 314-0037 or