Introducing DECK-orations! Think interior decorating, only on the outside. Jackie Svoboda, owner of Luxury Landscapes (, recently obtained her Interior Decorating Certificate (Interior, only because there’s no Exterior Decorating school options) and now adds “Outdoor Stylist” to her title.

Your decorating style shouldn’t stop at the door to the outdoors and should be an extension of your home. As a Landscape Designer, she knows it will complement the new service perfectly as she will be able to offer her clients a much more cohesive look when the project is finished.

Jackie visits with clients about how they envision their outdoor space to look and feel, their likes and dislikes as well as how they will use the area. This could be a deck, patio, sunroom, a small, quiet sitting area, front porch or the decking around a pool. The client may not be sure how to pull it all together or they simply don’t have the time. Jackie then puts together a design which would include a color scheme, a style and theme which includes outdoor furniture and all the accessories & decor needed to achieve the feel the customer is envisioning. Once the design is approved, Jackie will decorate your exterior space to enhance the aesthetics of the space, giving you the style and comfort you deserve!

To learn more, please visit DECK-oration’s webpage at or call (402) 440-7721.

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