Family owned and operated for 71 years, Mapes Industries ( has long been a staple of the Lincoln manufacturing community. Mapes manufactures their Canopy and Panel products for distribution to different segments of the commercial construction industry. The initial intent of the independent operation, separate management of teams and minimal synergy or contact between divisions was to ensure that each division was focused on serving their respective segments of the commercial construction industry. However, upon Marilyn Cintani stepping into the role of CEO, it came to be realized that the company could improve from corporate unity and a team-based approach. This required a reorganization of leadership and a cultural reset.

Sharing her vision of a unified Mapes Industries, a new management team was appointed in 2023: Marilyn Cintani, CEO/Chairperson; Matthew Parde, President; Ryan King, Vice President of Corporate Operations; Alex Roschewski, Vice President of Panel Operations; Spencer Sawtelle, Vice President of Canopy Operations; Kendall Frantz, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

This new team has been working closely with one another over the past year and will oversee the next phase of growth and prosperity for Mapes Industries. Under Marilyn’s leadership, the company is stronger than ever with both divisions breaking or nearing sales records in 2023 and showing strength headed into 2024.

To learn more about Mapes Industries, visit, email / or call (888) 273-1132.