Mi Tierra Family Mexican Restaurant (www.mitierralincoln.com) is celebrating five years in Lincoln! They started off in 2018 with their first location on Old Cheney Rd., and quickly became a spot for people to gather together and enjoy amazing food and tasty drinks with friends and family. They just recently opened their second location on Northwoods Dr. and have already seen huge success there.

Jesus Guitron is the chef and one of the owners of Mi Tierra. Through hard work and savings, Jesus made his first investment in 2001: he purchased a ticket to immigrate to USA. With just a few dollars in his pocket and without understanding the English language, Jesus came to Portland, Oregon. His first job was assistant cook at a Mexican restaurant owned by his uncle. For a year, Jesus worked full days with the sole purpose of saving money to help his family in Mexico. After several years of hard work, Jesus decided to make a second investment with his savings, and in partnership with his cousin and uncle, opened a new Mexican restaurant created with their own ideas and decor. Above all, the most valuable of Mi Tierra Mexican cuisine recipes came from their grandmothers, mother and ancestors which give great value to every dish.

At Mi Tierra Family Mexican Restaurant, you’re treated like family. Warm greetings, friendly smiles and quick services awaits you every time you come into the restaurant. With a broad menu that has something for everyone and refreshing margaritas and cocktails, you can’t go wrong. For more information, visit www.mitierralincoln.com or follow them on Facebook @mitierrarestaurantlincoln.