The highly anticipated Nebraska Christmas Lights Show ( returned to Lincoln this holiday season with a spectacle of lights, music and enchanting displays that captivated visitors of all ages. Through January 3, the event will be open at Star City Shores, 4375 S 33rd St., offering an ideal drive-through route for attendees to enjoy the magic of the season from the comfort of their vehicles.

Ticket pricing for this exceptional event is structured per vehicle, making it an excellent value for both large groups and families looking to create cherished memories together. Further ticket details and online reservations can be found at the official website,

The Nebraska Christmas Lights Show has curated a truly remarkable display, featuring an abundance of lights, props, and computerized effects all choreographed to a festive soundtrack. Adding to the charm, the show includes appearances by beloved characters such as the Grinch, Yeti, Santa and his elves, creating a magical experience for onlookers in their vehicles. For additional information and updates, interested individuals can visit