Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC, INNOVATE.UNL.EDU) was named Outstanding Research Park at the Association of University Research Parks’ (AURP) 2023 International Conference held October 16-19 at the University of Delaware’s STAR Campus. AURP is the leading nonprofit organization representing research parks, innovation districts, tech hubs and all communities of innovation.

The Outstanding Research Park Award recognizes research parks and innovation districts and their leadership for their achievements and encourages continuous evaluation and development of best practices for the research park community. The award also highlights research parks and innovation districts which have created an exceptional ecosystem that supports bringing technology from inception to market, thereby positively impacting the sustainable growth of scalable businesses, creation of jobs that are higher paying than the regional average and contribute to the economic health of the region where they are located.

“We are deeply honored that AURP selected Nebraska Innovation Campus for this distinguished award,” said Kate Engel, NIC’s Interim Executive Director. “NIC’s exceptional ecosystem is driven by 10+ years of impactful partnerships, collaborations and developments. We are grateful to all who have been involved, and those who continue to support and encourage our robust environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization activities.”

Nebraska Innovation Campus is designed to facilitate new and in-depth partnerships between the University of Nebraska and private sector businesses. NIC is adjacent to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and strategically provides organizations with access to needed research faculty, facilities and students. For additional information, visit INNOVATE.UNL.EDU.