Nebraska LTC Pharmacy ( recommends getting your flu shot early this October. Though big box pharmacies start offering flu shots in August, mid-September and early October are the best times to get your flu shot. Flu shots are most effective when taken before flu season starts, but not too early in the fall. If you get your flu shot too early, it will most likely wear off before flu season is over.

Nebraska LTC Pharmacy was created to fill a need in the community for a pharmacy that did more than just count pills and slap labels. Their goal is to continue to offer the “small town” level of customer service while providing the highest level of care for their patients. There are no automated systems or punching in prescription numbers – just great personal care. Nebraska LTC Pharmacy wants to help you with your medications and preserve your independence.

As a locally owned company dedicated to providing great personal care, Nebraska LTC Pharmacy strives to provide individualized patient care that sets them apart from chain stores and pharmacies. They don’t just care about your medication, they care about you. To learn more, visit or call the Lincoln office at (402) 328-0231.