Join PepperJax Grill ( for a ribbon cutting on May 6. PepperJax is a Nebraska-owned, quick-serve restaurant with locations across the Midwest serving up fully customizable phillies, rice bowls, burritos, salads and nachos.

The ribbon cutting at the new location will take place May 6 from 11 to 11:30 a.m. at PepperJax Grill, 2511 S. 48th St.

At PepperJax, everything starts at the grill. And since day one, they’ve been firing up their grills to create good food made just for you, in a place where you and your friends feel right at home. To them, good food requires high-quality ingredients grilled up fresh, right in front of you. So roll up your sleeves and dig into a freshly grilled Jax Philly that’s seared to perfection. Reach right across the table to share those crispy fries smothered with Pepperjack Cheese Sauce. And relax knowing you’ll always get a good meal, made right. Learn more at