PUSH Consulting Group Celebrates Grand Opening

PUSH Consulting Group (www.pushconsultinggroup.com) is excited to announce their recent move into their new offices at 211 N. 14th St., Suite 225, conveniently located in the heart of downtown Lincoln.  PUSH Consulting Group has been working with select clients since late 2015, and with this move they are ready to provide their services to new clients.

PUSH is a boutique Hospitality Consulting firm which exists to serve the owners and managers of restaurants, bars and hotels throughout the Midwest.  The hospitality industry is both highly competitive and extremely saturated, with many of these small business owners finding it difficult just to keep their doors open for business.  As such, PUSH Consulting Group’s primary focus is helping with Operations & Financial Analyses – identifying overages, waste and redundancies while finding the opportunities for increased volume & margins. They also offer services ranging from Concept Development to Brand Identity, Marketing to Menu Development and even Management & Staff Training.

PUSH Consulting Group envisions a world where hospitality is the source of cultural progression within a community, where standards are never compromised, and where profits are a byproduct of doing business with integrity.  Because they see business a bit differently, as small business owners, they’re committed to putting people before profits.

For more information or to set up a free initial consultation, please visit www.pushconsultinggroup.com or contact Malachi Koop at (402) 403-4165 or by email at malachi@pushconsultinggroup.com.