The Nebraska Society of Certified Public Accountants (NESCPA) recently rolled out a new program called the 100% Membership Initiative which recognizes accounting firms and businesses that have 100% of their CPAs as NESCPA members. This initiative was designed to help strengthen Nebraska CPAs through advocacy, educational and pipeline efforts.

As a 100% Membership firm, SP Group, P.C. (, will have unwavering support from the NESCPA. The society’s purpose is to amplify the voice of the profession in the Nebraska Legislature as an advocate to protect the integrity of the CPA license and support positive legislative regulatory outcomes for their members. In addition, the society will act as the liaison to the Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy to help resolve issues and concerns.

Participating in the 100% Membership Organization program sets SP Group, P.C., apart from other firms and demonstrates their dedication to the CPA profession. Through the efforts of NESCPA, they hope to grow the accounting pipeline by finding, retaining and developing future leaders in the profession.

SP Group, P.C., serves growth-oriented companies and talented individuals in the Midwest and beyond with the goal of making sure that their clients have the support they need to feel confident about their tax planning and financial future. Supporting the 100% Membership Initiative brings them one step closer to that goal. Visit, follow SP Group on Facebook (@SPGroup,P.C.) and Twitter (@ SPGroupPC) or call (402) 420-7758 to learn more.