SP Group, P.C. (spgrouppc.com) celebrates working weekends during tax season with its Super Saturday Series; one of their favorites is Groutfit Saturday. A “groutfit” is an all-grey outfit.

Groutfit Saturday took place in February on a cold and dreary day. The workday got underway earlier than normal so an early exit could be made to enjoy some down-time away from the office. In the morning, team members were greeted with LaMar’s donuts as they entered the office. A brunch of Casey’s breakfast pizzas, a yogurt buffet, fruit and juices were served later in the morning. The “Best Groutfit Outfit” was awarded to Val Bartunek. The early afternoon finish allowed team members some much-needed relaxation time.

SP Group believes Saturdays are for work AND a little fun during tax season. The firm was founded on four core values: Relationships, The Power of Team, Life/Work Balance and Competitiveness. Life/Work Balance is essential this time of year and Groutfit Saturday is part of that effort.

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