Lincoln has been garnering a lot of attention lately as a hot relocation destination. From recent grads to young professionals and families in search of an affordable and safe place to live, people in all walks of life are making their way to Lincoln. Now, the city might get a higher share of newlyweds!

As it turns out, Lincoln ranks the eighth best city in the nation for couples starting their lives together, according to recent StorageCafe research. In fact, Lincoln is the only midwestern city to make it to the top 10 — a near miss for Omaha, which ranks 11th.

What makes Lincoln a city that newlyweds are happy to call home? It’s a combination of factors that contribute to having a comfortable and active lifestyle. Exciting job opportunities, affordable housing options, the chance to socialize with other young couples and a long list of fun things to do — Lincoln has it all!

Newlyweds have ample access to jobs and housing in Lincoln

Newlywed bliss is easier to hold on to in a place where common needs, including job opportunities and housing options, are met. And Lincoln checks both boxes. The unemployment rate, at 2%, is one of the lowest among the country’s major cities, while the household income for 25- to 44-year-olds is almost $70K per year. 

The housing market is still affordable in Lincoln compared to other urban hubs, ensuring that newlyweds can find a cozy nest whether they are renting or purchasing a home. In fact, home prices in Lincoln hover around $275K, which is a good $75K less than the national average. That’s definitely a great perk for newlyweds who plan to buy their first home together.

Combining households translates to lower expenses

The fact that Lincoln is cheaper to begin with gives newlyweds a better start in married life. And then there’s the respite that comes from sharing housing and living costs. There are numerous expenses that are easier to navigate with a partner, including moving costs, rent or mortgage, new furniture and utilities, among others.

Merging households can indeed be challenging in terms of space as you have to combine the contents of two homes into one. From redecorating the new house to suit both tastes to deciding which of the old furniture or appliances to bring in, there is a lot of work involved and decisions to be made. 

Storage space might also be an issue, seeing as both partners probably have belongings they’re attached to and want to keep. The solution can come in the form of self storage. Getting extra storage space away from home is rather inexpensive, much cheaper than extra residential square footage, and can be useful in the short term, until the new home is move-in ready. It can also make sense in the long run if you have belongings that you don’t need on daily basis, including sports equipment, camping gear, tools and collectibles that can clutter your home if space is tight. Renting a 10’x10’ storage unit in Lincoln hovers around $100 per month, cheaper than the national average.

Socializing and having fun are easy to come by in Lincoln

Entertainment and social life are equally important for newlyweds to maintain a happy relationship, and Lincoln delivers in this sense as well. From the chance to meet other young couples to opportunities for fun date nights and other couples’ activities, Lincoln offers a thriving environment for newlyweds.

Over 45% of the city’s residents are married, and only 11% of them are divorced. Chances are newlyweds relocating to Lincoln can find other like-minded couples with whom they can socialize and engage in fun outings and activities.

Speaking of fun things to do, there’s plenty of park space in Lincoln to provide a perfect backdrop for an active lifestyle. In fact, the city ranks fifth in terms of access to sports fields and outdoor recreation. From hiking trails and fitness venues to tennis and pickleball courts, Lincoln features an impressive outdoorsy, sports-oriented infrastructure that is very attractive for young couples.

Essentially, Lincoln increasingly stands out as an attractive moving destination for young people due to the career-building opportunities it offers and the affordable housing market. Its laid-back, relaxed vibe, and the many leisure and entertainment venues are the cherry on top, making it a place where young couples can truly thrive.

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