Sweet Things by Marcy (www.sweetthingsbymarcy.com) has expanded her collaborations beyond Lila Mae’s Southern Kitchen and Lounge. Her desserts are also available at Canyon Joe’s Barbecue, located in the Telegraph District; SoulFULL Cocina, located in the Havelock Community’ Pearson’s Pumpkin Place located in Eagle, Nebraska; and Ivanna Cone, located in the Haymarket. Marcy is currently speaking with other locally owned businesses to offer a couple of her southern staples in the near future.

With new pick-up locations on the way, Sweet Things by Marcy is excited for the ability to expand her menu as well. Sweet Things by Marcy takes pride in her time-honored recipes, learned through many years of home cooking. Her recipes are both family-inspired and traditional with flavor combinations that surpass those that were passed down from generations of southern family cooks and bakers.

Sweet Things by Marcy is a home-based bakery in Lincoln that has a vibrant menu of sweet treats. Marcy’s desserts are sure to get your mouth watering. To check out their menu or make an order for pickup or delivery, go to www.sweetthingsbymarcy.com, or reach out to them directly at sweetthingsbymarcy@gmail.com / (402) 540-6982.