Tobacco Free Lancaster County (TFLC) ( wants adults to understand the importance of talking to young people about flavored tobacco products and is here to help you better understand the dangers and adequately prepare for the discussion.

According to the 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey, almost 90% of youths currently using e-cigarettes use flavored e-cigarettes. These flavors (fruit, mint, menthol, candy, sweets, etc.) are influential in the initial uptake of e-cigarettes (and other tobacco products) and in continued usage. In addition to finding these flavors appealing, youths and young adults wrongfully perceive the flavored products as less harmful compared to non-flavored ones. Flavors increase the risk of addiction and the chemicals used to achieve these flavors contribute to other health problems associated with tobacco product use.

Talking with youths about flavored e-cigarettes should be done with caution. It is essential that talking about it does not fan the flames of curiosity which is one of the reasons youths give for trying out tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. It is also important to have access to cessation resources for youths who might be considering quitting tobacco use.

Helpful resources on flavored tobacco products can be found under ‘Menthol and Other Flavors’ and ‘Cessation’ at

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