As the saying goes, ‘There is nothing permanent in life, except for change.’ Why is it then, that change doesn’t come easily to most of us, even after so many years of practice? The truth is, none of us want to grow older, and it can be hard to see our parents or loved ones navigate the aging process, especially when we’ve gotten used to life as it is or things being a certain way.

But when is it the right time to have this conversation with mom?

Jordyn Ready, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Residence at Gramercy ( says that this conversation is best had as soon as possible to avoid a crisis. Here are six telltale signs that it is time to consider a move for mom to assisted living:

  • She rarely leaves the house, spends most of her time watching tv or has lost interest in socializing or hobbies.
  • She isn’t keeping up with household chores or her personal appearance and hygiene.
  • She can’t shop for, plan or cook herself nutritious meals.
  • She is forgetting to take her medication and missing doctor appointments.
  • She is having frequent falls and her home has become hazardous and inaccessible.
  • She is experiencing frequent confusion and forgetfulness, has had a personality change or she is unable to manage her own finances.

For more information about assisted living or to tour The Residence at Gramercy, please reach out to Jordyn Ready at (402) 483-1010 or visit