Due to expansive and exponential growth, Tomorrow’s Online Marketing is restructuring the company to offer dealership or distributor opportunities.  After being approached by several companies and individuals offering money to invest or buy into the company, the owners began working with attorneys and advisors on how to manage sustainable growth and at the same time offer opportunities for others to get involved.  In the end, the owners determined that offering dealership or distributorship rights to others would be the best way to protect their proprietary systems and ownership interests and actually allow others the chance to make a real business for themselves.  They credit their growth to many factors, but in particular to the great opportunities provided through networks of professionals here in Nebraska—especially the team at Strictly Business!  Small referrals have led to larger referrals and so on until they were landing national clients, franchises and more based on their performance and guarantees.

Owners Wayne Boesiger, Jeff Dousharm and Jayson Becker have begun working with and interviewing the first batch of applicants to offer their services in the new business model and they look forward to announcing the new relationships soon.

For more info about Tomorrow’s Online Marketing, contact Jeff Dousharm at Jeff@tomorrowsonlinemarketing.com or visit tomorrowsonlinemarketing.com.