Welcome to LIBA, Vibrant Healing Mom (vibranthealingmom.com)! Vibrant Healing Mom Owners Shalee and Brandon Bayne held their ribbon cutting January 12 and have a classic, inspiring story of business growth. Starting the holistic health and wellness business in their own basement, the couple has surpassed over $600,000 in sales in their first year! Operating primarily from social media, they’re looking to expand their connection with the local area.

Vibrant Healing Mom is a family owned and operated holistic health and wellness business dedicated to helping individuals thrive. They are here to support you on your path to mental, emotional and physical well-being.

At Vibrant Healing Mom, they believe in the power of holistic healing. They embrace a comprehensive approach that combines natural remedies, alternative therapies and lifestyle choices to nurture your mind, body and spirit. By addressing the interconnected aspects of holistic health, they aim to provide you with a transformative journey towards vitality and inner harmony.

Learn more about Vibrant Healing Mom at vibranthealingmom.com, by calling (531) 500-0917 or emailing info@vibranthealingmom.com.