Wineman Communications Group is a small marketing agency with BIG passion for client success. One could say they are accountable, risk-takers who really love what they do. Strategists, Creators, Believers, and Trustees are words that speak to them. They inspire brand enthusiasm; pull heartstrings through authentic story telling; and drive sales growth to “sold out” performance proportions. The hard work and experience of this group: Lyn Wineman, President & Owner; Kelley Peterson, Creative Director; Ellen Kohl, Art Director; Rachel Deeter, Graphic Designer; Brooke Jansen, Marketing Coordinator; Elizabeth Nelson, Strategist; and Christine Nelson, Interactive Specialist, is what brings ultimate value to their avid fans. Wineman Communications Group is proud to enthuse and deliver quality, full-service marketing services to: Decision Logic, Floor99, HEME Management, HTI Plastics, Lincoln Lutheran, Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company, Lincoln’s Shining Star, Nebraska Health Care Association, Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Association, Members Own Credit Union, Tabitha, and West Gate Bank.

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