This year Morley Elementary will be receiving some help in supplying its’ students with pens, Kleenex, glue, and other supplies.  August 1st – 19th Dr. Alex Kallio of Comfort Chiropractic will be doing a School Supply Drive to benefit Morley Elementary.  “The schools have a certain amount of supplies given to them but inevitably every year run out.  Given recent economic cutbacks the budget can be tight to buy additional supplies which can place a burden on the teachers and staff of the schools.  We wanted to help and decided to donate our time and services in exchange for supplies,” said Dr. Kallio.

All new patients who bring in a minimum of $15 worth of school supplies are eligible to receive their first day services at no charge. This includes a consultation, examination, x-rays, and report of findings, normally a $275 value.  Comfort Chiropractic will also be allowing their existing patients to receive a free adjustment on Wednesday August 3rd in exchange for $10 worth of supplies.

To learn more about Comfort Chiropractic of Lincoln or to make a donation and schedule your free evaluation, call (402) 484-5166 or contact them through their website at