Custom Auto Care (, CAC) was founded in 1989 and moved to its current location in 1997. In May of 2014, CAC was purchased by longtime technician Justin Calhoun. Justin previously worked as a technician for eight years before having the opportunity to purchase the business from founder Craig Sparks. Justin started as a technician fresh out of the SCC Milford campus in 2006. He described how blessed he was to be mentored by two master technicians when he started his career at CAC. The foundation that he received from SCC and on-the-job mentorship allowed him to take the next step of being a business owner.

They have made a lot of changes in the last 10 years to continue to service modern vehicles and provide a high level of quality to their clients. Some of those changes include digital inspections, new vehicle lifts, the latest diagnostic equipment, implementing monthly technician training and purchasing numerous specialty tools to accurately pinpoint vehicle faults more effectively. They also added A/C to the shop along with new LED lighting, and they are in the process of adding an additional lift for more capacity. This will position them for continued growth over the next 10 years.    

Custom Automotive Care understands that your vehicle is a technological marvel. They believe that using the most up-to-date technology and diagnostic tools to maintain and repair your car is the key to extending its life and keeping you on the road. Their ASE Certified Master Auto Technicians are part of a nationwide network of the over 300,000 auto professionals demonstrating extensive automotive knowledge through ASE Certification. This type of certification, which must periodically be renewed, recognizes excellence on the part of the technicians and provides customers with peace of mind. Learn more at