The Epilepsy Foundation ( is now offering a Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training program for those interested in learning what to look for and how to help someone having a seizure. One in ten people will have a seizure in their lifetime. This is a great opportunity for teams, organizations, school personnel, and any group that would like to learn.

The Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training program contains information and activities on seizures, epilepsy and seizure first aid. The first aid procedures in the guide reflect the standard of knowledge and current best practices. This information is presented in a format suited for direct training of the public.

The purpose of this program is to formally educate the public on the Epilepsy Foundation’s approved procedures for recognizing seizures and responding to someone having a seizure. This course aims to increase the knowledge, skill, and confidence in applying seizure first aid.

1.Why Is Seizure First Aid Important?

2.What are Seizures and Epilepsy

3.Recognizing the different types of Seizures

4.Seizure First Aid

5.Questions / Where Can I Learn More About Epilepsy?

Contact Epilepsy Foundation Nebraska to schedule a free virtual training session with an instructor or access an On Demand training at

The Epilepsy Foundation is a national voluntary health agency dedicated solely to the welfare of the nearly 3.4 million people living with epilepsy in the U.S. and their families. The Foundation works to ensure that people with seizures are able to participate in all life experiences and to promote research for a cure. To contact Epilepsy Foundation Nebraska, email For more information, go to