Friendship Home ( needs your support to help prevent domestic violence. It is their vision that someday the need for their services will cease to exist, that domestic violence will not be tolerated by anyone in the community and that all homes will be places of love, support and safety. Friendship Home envisions a community that embraces any survivor or child who experiences domestic violence, foreseeing a society that courageously holds batterers accountable for the crimes they commit and allows survivors of domestic violence to stay in their own home and rebuild their lives free from fear.

As neighbors and friends, please join in their commitment to survivors by taking bold action to effect change. Friendship Home invites your business to empower freedom from domestic violence by requesting a Friendship Home representative to come to speak to you and your employees.

By requesting a speaker, you can provide your employees with the opportunity to learn about the many complexities and barriers associated with domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence and stalking on an individual level and a community systems level. To request a speaker for a presentation, visit

Friendship Home provides crisis services, emergency shelter, and transitional housing to survivors of domestic violence and their children. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please call Friendship Home’s 24/7 crisis line at (402) 437-9302. To learn more, visit