Hallow Candle Co. is pleased to announce they have released a new line of aromatherapy candles.  Inside are hidden three tokens—if you find a token, you win a pair of diamond earrings worth $300 from Lincoln Jewelry Co.  Hallow Candle Co. has teamed up with Lincoln Jewelry Co. to provide a fun and exciting new way to give Valentine’s gifts a bit of flair!  Hallow Candle Co. is committed to constantly updating and making their products better and Aromatherapy provides a unique experience giving you the warm glow of a candle combined with oils that will soothe and comfort.

“We are very excited to announce not only our new line of products but to give the city of Lincoln a little bit of bling for the upcoming holiday!!  There are only three winning candles and there are still diamonds out there waiting to be found!” comments owner Sarah Allison.

For more information about Hallow Candle Co., please call 474-3940 or see us online at http://hallowcandle.com/.