Jenna Mosier, stylist at Envy Hair Salon, is pleased to announce she recently attended an Enjoy Educator class to better further her education, teach others and be able to offer her clients guaranteed results.

Enjoy’s line offer’s pre-treatments and post treatments for coloring/highlighting and keratin treatments which most lines do not offer. The pre and post treatments are included in the price of the service and allow Jenna to guarantee her color to her clients. A pre-treatment will take out all of the product build up, minerals, medications etc and fill the hair with proteins making a clean pallet for me to apply color to! This means the color will not only hold on to the hair but will look rich, shiny and even from root to end! Post treatments will smooth the hair cuticle and close it so the color molecules won’t fall back out! Which means no fading!

Jenna has been in business for six years and is very passionate about making people feel not only great on the inside, but also great on the outside. She truly believes in Enjoy’s products as they share the passion of the business and have very strong morals.

For more information about Jenna Mosier, please contact Jenna at (402) 580-0752 or or on Facebook at