John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air ( is proud to now offer a wide variety of smart home devices. Connect your home to your phone and control your heating, cooling, water, and everything else from anywhere in the world. With new technology in the plumbing and HVAC world always being released, John Henry’s is excited to stay on the forefront of innovation.

Smart home devices can be used in a variety of ways. A pipe could burst while you are out of town causing a flooded basement, and these devices will detect the leak and shut off the water to your home. You can also change the temperature, humidity, turn off the water, and more from an app on your phone. Call John Henry’s to learn more about what these products can do for your home!

Established in 1996, John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air is a full-service plumbing, heating, air conditioning, air quality, duct cleaning, and water treatment business. Their motto is “Our Family Serving Yours” and this goes much deeper than simple HVAC or plumbing services. They have a committee set aside to ensure they are doing all they can for the community around us. For more information or to discuss your home’s plumbing, heating, cooling, and indoor air-quality needs, visit, call (402) 435-5555, or email