Darci Roberts and Bev Piper are pleased to announce the creation of Life’s NEXT STEP.   Darci and Bev are members and trained at the National Association Senior Move Managers (NASMM).  Life’s NEXT STEP, is there for you when life is happening fast and you need help.  They have all the systems in place to get any job done and do planning, sorting, organizing, de-cluttering, inventory items, dispersal of items, professional packing, unpacking, home transition management, aging in-place options, professional organization,  charitable contributions, and/or element seminars and training  and complimentary home staging and home sales if necessary.  Darci says, “After 11 years in real estate, the need for this type of service is great and therefore Life’s NEXT STEP is here to “handle your needs with care”.

For more information about Life’s NEXT STEP, please call Darci Roberts at (402) 304-7191 or email her at  darci.roberts@homerealestate.com or Bev Piper at (420) 540-5490. You can also visit them online at www.LifesNextStep.com.