The Lincoln Business Club has announced a special guest speaker for their January 20th meeting. Jason Petersen, Principal with Turbine Interactive will be sharing information that will help you strategically use technology to market and promote your business. His information will help you consider current trends and how they apply to your company. Jason will help you understand which technology is just a fad and what’s really here to stay!

The Lincoln Business Club is sponsored by Marketing Firepower. The LBC meets once a quarter and is open to any area small business owner or marketing director. The LBC is an opportunity to learn new techniques and ideas that will help you attract more customers to your business. There is no fee to attend, simply RSVP to Jeff Dostal, President of Marketing Firepower at

The January Lincoln Business Club meeting will be from 9a-10a at the Cornhusker Bank community room located at 6100 Apple’s Way (63rd and Highway 2), Lincoln.