The Lincoln Children’s Museum ( is thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of The Orchard exhibit, an exciting newly remodeled area of play.

In The Orchard, children can harvest apples and watch them travel through the exhibit on conveyor belts, make and sell pretend items made with apples and learn about pollinators and the role they play in the production of apples.

The Orchard exhibit is located on the upper level of the museum and is designed to tie in with the existing tree that spans all three floors of the museum. Executive Director Tara Knuth is thrilled to offer this new experience to visitors.

“We believe The Orchard is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about the apple›s journey, pollinators, and entrepreneurship in a fun and interactive way,” said Knuth.

The exhibit upgrade is made possible by the Kimmel Charitable Foundation. Len Weyeneth, president and treasurer of the Kimmel Foundation’s board, echoes Knuth’s enthusiasm.

“One of the first grants made by the Kimmel Foundation was the Kimmel Tree when the Children’s Museum moved to its current location,” said Weyeneth. “The impact of the Museum has had on so many children to ‘learn through the power of play’ is incredible. We’re happy to continue to support the Lincoln Children’s Museum and its mission.”

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