Is your toddler frequently dealing with ear infections? Do you have a colicky newborn? Are your kids carrying their backpacks properly to prevent scoliosis? Is your young athlete running, jumping, or throwing at their maximum potential?

Get the answer to all these questions and more during “Kid’s Week” at Mosier/Timperley Chiropractic August 1st-5th, 2011! It’s a great time to get your family started with chiropractic care. There will be goody bags, fun theme days, coloring contests, raffles, and much more!

If you have any questions on how chiropractic care can benefit your kids, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Corey Dousharm at 402-483-6633 or e-mail

You can also read a few thoughts from Dr. Corey Dousharm on family care in her blog,