My Cookie Jones LLC, owned by LeShara Ways-Bothe and Nicki Becker has recently opened and is ready to serve their delicious desserts for any occasion.  They have over 84 different cupcake flavors listed on their website and 30 main ‘Teasecake’ (single-serving cheesecake) flavors.  Any of their cupcake flavors can also be made as Teasecakes. They also offer rich and decadent tortes in chocolate, orange, almond, cinnamon and cream cheese as well as specializing in decorated, cut-out cookies (sugar, shortbread, chocolate and gingerbread).  Additionally, they have a wide variety of drop cookies, whoopie pies, cookie sammiches and cookie cakes.

My Cookie Jones is a home-based, licensed specialty bakery.  All of their desserts are baked fresh and made to order and delivered.

For more information about My Cookie Jones, please visit