On Monday, April 18th, Nebraska Bank of Commerce (NBC) opened the doors to its new downtown branch location at the corner of 14th and Q Streets.

“We couldn’t be more excited about NBC being back downtown,” said NBC Chairman Lee Stuart of the Stuart banking family.“The branch at 14th and Q is part of our strategic plan to solidify NBC’s position as the leading bank partner to the Lincoln community,” he continued, adding that the expansion comes on the heels of a recent $9 million financing round that brought more than 200 new shareholders to NBC, predominantly from Nebraska and the Lincoln community.

The downtown branch, located at 250 N. 14th Street, is adjacent to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, and ties into the bustling new development along the P and Q Street corridor.

A full-service banking location, the downtown branch will complement Nebraska Bank of Commerce’s main bank office at 6000 Village Drive in Lincoln. Nebraska Bank of Commerce (NBC) is a $63 million community bank that is locally owned, managed and operated.

For more information about Nebraska Bank of Commerce (NBC), visit www.thenbcbank.com.