Angels Among Us ( was honored to be chosen as the 100+ Men Who Care Omaha quarterly gift of $5,700. This was an unexpected surprise to the organization and will make an important impact for local pediatric cancer families.

100+ Men Who Care is new to the Omaha community. They use the simple concept of the power of numbers to raise donations for local Omaha charities.

The organization is based on quarterly social hour events. Each attendee commits to donating $100 at to an unknown charity. During the event, three nominated charities are drawn. The members who nominated these charities each receive two to three minutes to explain why the group should support their nominated charity. After the presentations, members present vote on which charity they believe most deserves support.  The winning charity then receives 100% of the donations from the event.

Angels Among Us is thankful for new partnerships such as this. Thank you to all 100+ Men Who Care attendees, in particular, Dave Lakin (VirtuActive) for nominating Angels Among Us.

Angels Among Us is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide financial and emotional support to any family whose child is battling pediatric cancer living in or being treated in the state of Nebraska. For more information, please contact Aly Goedeken at or by calling (402) 934-0999 or visit