In early 2023, the AOI Gives committee met with a few local organizations to learn about the organization, their mission and how they drive impact to the community. As a group, Angels Among Us ( touched many of the AOI staff personally. “We knew that this wouldn’t be a ‘what can I do now,’ but ‘what can I get behind for the future too,’” said Heather Stauffer, Account Manager at AOI.

This committee hosted at Golf Tournament in September, a Walk-a-thon in October and a Toy Drive in November, which raised nearly $25,000 for Angels Among Us’ mission.

Chris Hill, President of AOI, talks about the importance of giving back, “AOI Gives is an employee-led initiative, whereby individuals from throughout the organization work together to determine how we can help our community; ideally where there are volunteer opportunities that allow us to work side-by-side to make a difference. Our 2023 team explored a variety of organizations, but it was Angels Among Us that resonated the most. The local impact, ways in which families are supported and the opportunities to engage aligned the AOI team in a powerful way. Many of our employees have been impacted by a cancer diagnoses and knowing that Angels Among Us is there to help is comforting and inspiring.”

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved with Angels Among Us, please contact Aly Goedeken at / (402) 934-0999. For more information about Angels Among Us, visit