As 2022 comes to an end, CenterPointe ( is seeking donations to further their mission of helping people get better, sooner, for longer. 2023 will mark CenterPointe’s 50th year providing services in Nebraska.

This year, CenterPointe has served 4,418 people, housed 472, and received 2,779 calls on their crisis hotline. The call for more mental health, substance use, and primary care services has never been greater and CenterPointe has answered that call.

Your financial contribution helps fund over 40 programs in the key areas of: rehabilitation, housing, crisis response, and treatment. Most of those served experience severe and persistent mental illness, addiction, and health issues, and nearly all are low or no income. Please join Centerpointe in helping create new beginnings for their individuals in service.

CenterPointe is grounded by the solid belief that every person has the ability to recover. CenterPointe makes pivotal treatment available for people suffering from mental health and substance use disorders. Meeting people where they are and supporting them to gain control of their lives is what they aim to do. By treating the whole person, mental health and addiction can be addressed together in real time. To learn more about CenterPointe or make a financial contribution, visit