Child Guidance Center Receives Grant From Lincoln South Rotary Club

The Lincoln South Rotary Club ( and The Rotary Foundation have awarded $2,000 to the Child Guidance Center ( grant is part of a program that allows clubs to support local organizations. Club funds are matched through a program of The Rotary Foundation based on donations by the local clubs. Child Guidance Center is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of children and their families in the Lincoln area and surrounding communities through effective and flexible therapeutic partnerships and a commitment to advocacy and positive social change. Pictured are Wayne Moore of Lincoln South Rotary Club and former CEO of the Child Guidance Center, Dr. Carol Crumpacker.

Lincoln South Rotary is a service organization that supports a variety of activities. Recently the club and its members provided support to Windsong Equitherapy, Mourning Hope, and Dictionary Program (for all 4th Grade Students). Want to be a part of this type of service to our community? Visit and contact the Lincoln South Rotary Club for more information.

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