Do you know someone who is blind or visually impaired? Would they be interested in attending camp next summer with Christian Record Services (CRS) (

Christian Record Services has recently released its roster of summer camp locations as they prepare for another successful summer of camp experiences for children and adults who are blind or experiencing vision loss. This summer, campers may enjoy a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities at summer camps in eight different locations across the country. Activities included horseback riding, archery, water skiing, crafts, cooking and even a zip line over the lake.

A previous camper commented that he was “amazed” at how the camp staff treated the people who were blind, saying “They treated blind people like the rest of the people here. Like human beings.”

Since beginning in 1967, over 50,000 campers have experienced camps through National Camps for Blind Children, a program of Christian Record Services. Each camp is scheduled at a well-equipped site, chosen especially for the standard of excellence and geographical location. Committed staff and counselors are trained to meet the needs of legally blind campers who are between the ages of nine and 65.

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