In 2024, Christian Record Services ( will celebrate 120 years of service in the Lincoln community and around the world. Their legacy of serving individuals who are blind and visually impaired has shifted and morphed as the decades have passed by as the nonprofit organization has been housed in six different locations around Lincoln.

“The product of Christian Record will never become obsolete because it is a publication conveying a message that is eternal.”
These were the words of Nebraska Senator Carl T. Curtis in 1963, 60 years ago this month, as he spoke for the grand-opening ceremony for a new headquarters building for Christian Record Services. That building, located at 4444 S. 52nd St., would serve as home to this valuable nonprofit for over 50 years.

Today, Christian Record Services offers an array of services and programs, including Bible study lessons, books, magazines and Bibles in audio, braille and large print from a library of more than 1,600 titles. Members also can deepen social, educational, and spiritual connections through PhoneFaith, scholarships for higher education and National Camps for Blind Children.

For more information about Christian Record Services, visit, call (402) 488-0981, or email You can also request a card to share with someone who is legally blind at bitly/CRSBshare.