Domesti-PUPS ( is excited to host a second session of puppy yoga Tuesday, July 11, after several requests upon the filling of the first session July 8. Everyone is encouraged to bring a friend and yoga mat to love on goldendoodle puppies. They have 11 goldendoodle puppies; the majority they hope will be selected for future service dogs.

The event will be held at the Domesti-PUPS building. The cost of a ticket is $20, which counts as a donation for Domesti-PUPS. To purchase tickets and reserve your spot, visit

The costs to acquire, maintain and place these highly skilled canines is quite high—veterinary costs alone are over $2,500 a month as Domesti-PUPS has over 40 dogs in their care at any given time. These dogs receive quality care and require extensive testing to ensure they are healthy enough to do their future jobs.

Domesti-PUPS is a service organization that provides assistance dogs for persons with disabilities, pet therapy programs, classroom dogs and educational programs and a rescue dog training/adoption program. It’s their hope that this event will help the general public better understand and appreciate the many ways that dogs enrich our lives. For more information, email or visit